Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Hibernation awaits

I took my first trip out of my rabbit hovel (the school and my room) to explore the city of Bundang. The real reason for the trip was to gather and store necessities for the long winter hibernation, in which I fully plan to stay inside the confines of the school and avoid breaching the outdoors and frighteningly white and cold winter. Bundang is a very affluent city where many of the wealthy Koreans are beamed in by magnetized light rays branching from affluent brands such as Prada and Gucci. In addition, in order to live in this city, one must be immaculately dressed from head to toe, as if prepared for a photo shoot at any time. We were leaving for the city after dark, and I debated taking my camera for fear it would be too dark for the photos to show up, however after arriving to Samsung Plaza, I realized after being blinded by the layers upon layers of flashing neon lights, lighting would not be an issue.
Samsung Plaza in all of it's shining glory.

They decorated for Christmas too!

Things that I bought at the store: Cereal, they only had flakes, no Cheerios, no clusters, nothing but plain Jane, boring flakes. Breakfast is provided here, however, it is nearly equivalent to the Korean lunch, rice, veggies, kimche, NOT real breakfast food, hence the boring cereal. Shampoo and Conditioner were ridiculously priced, something near $7-8 a bottle. Sugar, peppermint tea- like I said, it is cold and tea is always a good warmer upper. Laundry detergent, also too expensive. And some other thingies that I can't remember right now. All in all I paid like $60 for all of this crap! It costs to be clean in Bundang! Note to self: Dirty is obviously better, take less showers, and wash clothes less ( just kidding folks, or am I?)

Me with my huge bag that could fit probably two Vanessas inside to help explain the previous post about lugging luggage by my lonesome.


Rachael said...

Wow I love those city lights!

I thought Korean's were a very clean people... why is detergent so expensive!

PS I hate breakfast food for breakfast. I like breakfast for dinner sometimes, but prefer a sandwich or leftovers for breakfast (I'm a weirdo). I don't think I'd eat Kimche. Not for breakfast, nor at any other time.... :P

The Arthur Clan said...

I just wanted to stop by to thank you for visiting my blog as part of BATW this week. It has been amazing to meet so many of you from all over the world!

Your blog is beautiful and it looks like you are living an extremely full and interesting life. It was fun to get to read a bit about you. :)

Anonymous said...

The lights are amazing!! Maybe the good thing about you coming out first (well goot and bad) is you get to learn the ropes and then tell Kyle, when you come you need to bring x,y, and z. Because it's freakin expensive here. Starting with ceral. hahaha!

Xeared said...

I cant wait to come see you! Thanks for posting pictures. It looks like an asian New York City!

Elizabeth said...

Korea looks amazing! The travel bug is biting me, so I'll live vicariously through your fun times!

Kyle said...

OHhhh Honey! You are too damn cute for words! I am so proud of you for leaving your hovel and exploring! I can't wait to have you show me our new world! I love and miss you terribly!

Corine said...

VERY cool to see Samsung Plaza!

I use to do PR work for them here in the states.

Peter and Leslie said...

I know your not kidding about dirty being better. :o)

Anonymous said...

We miss you, Vanessa. I go to your blog first thing every morning to read about your adventures. Let us know what we can give Kyle to bring you that you don't have or can't get there and you'll get a late Christmas present. Your leaving so quickly snuck up on me and I thought I'd wait to see what you really need. Keep those stories and picturs coming! Love, Aunt Susie

kay said...

Are you staying warm?
Do you hear from Kyle?? I find it interesting that we know where you are - half way across the world - but Where In The World Is Kyle????
Would you please tell him to call his parents!
We miss you,