Thursday, December 18, 2008

Feeling the Love

The other morning, I woke up with my stomach in knots. Kyle has been trying to obtain his much deserved diploma this week, and after everything that has happened in the past, I had difficulty trusting that everything would just work out on it own. (Still no news, but all the paperwork has been turned into UT for the diploma, but we are still waiting on a response from the office staff that may or may not be on Christmas vacation)

But I wanted to share two events that occurred today that helped calm my nerves. In our school/camp, the students meet in their homeroom class at the end of every day with their homeroom teachers. This week I am with the lowest level class (again) but this time at least there seems to be a life line, no more crickets chirping, and dead stares. On my doorstep, after dinner, I found this:

Notes from my sweet homeroom class telling me how much they like me. In the words of my new British buddies, "it is probably rubbish" but nevertheless, it made me feel good.
Here are some of the letters.
To: Veaessa teacher
Hello Veaessa,
My name is Yun. My favorite teachers was you vaessa teacher. your kide. bye bye
From: Yun

To. Venessa
Hello venessa. I am your Homeroom student Benjamin. You are very kind and pretty teacher. Do you like kimchi I like kimchi. You laugh face is very happy and pretty. Good bye. Your home room student.

To Venessa
Hello Venessa? I'm Hadsome? Alex
Do you like pizza??
I like pizza
I like homeroom
Homeroom very fun
Your homeroom student Alex
2008 (in bold letters)

The second event:
As I was stepping off the makeshift eliptical, the only workout machine available to us here in our cozy dorm, a ladybug landed on my hand. I am not normally one who looks for signs or really even believes in them, but instantly, my body relaxed, and I felt all of my worries take flight as the ladybug landed. I have been trying to think postively these past few days, but I have found it a difficult task, as everytime we have have trusted in the system, we have been failed. It was as if the ladybug was a reminder to keep the faith, keep believing that these wrongs will be righted and all will be well soon enough.


CC said...

Those letters are so adorable!!!

Anonymous said...

The letters are super cute! and little kids dont write rubbish! They actually have a thing for (sometimes cruel) honesty!

And things WILL work out. All the wrongs WILL be righted. I believe this too :)

Pink Ink said...

Hi Vanessa,

Just a note to let you know that yes, I'd have sent the book to South Korea :-)

My husband served a church mission there in So. Korea. He absolutely loved it. I think it's great you are teaching there. The kids' letters are precious; obviously you are making friends!

Good luck and have a great (So. Korean style) Christmas!


Elizabeth said...

So sweet! I hope you're still having a good time--I'll keep my fingers crossed for the UT mess.

Veggie Mom said...

I like both kimchi AND pizza! And a ladybug could only be a good sign, right?