Monday, December 08, 2008

First impressions

1. Before you enter a country, you always has to fill out an info card about the duration and reason of their stay and whether you are carrying narcotics, weapons or anything else illegal (like anyone would claim a bomb or heroine but whatever). So after you get off the plane, you have to stand in a god-awful long line to have this sheet checked out with the passport. It is normal to provide tables next to these lines for the people who didn't fill out the sheet on the plane. But in Korea, not only to they provide pens with chains keeping them attached to the table, but READING GLASSES for those travelers over 40 years of age. How considerate!
2. Korean boys are very affectionate with each other, like you might expect girls to be in the US, holding hands, linking arms, leaning on each other, etc. I did not see this behavior with the girls so far. But I have only been here one day.
3. Jet lag is starting to take over. Earlier, yawning was not only frequent, but I thought I might stretch a muscle in my jaw from performing the action too many times consecutively. Also attending Korean language class while severely jet lagged is not conducive to learning.
4. Yep, it's cold! It was snowing yesterday when I arrived. Even the Canadians said that it was cold and winter really hasn't arrived yet!
5. Web pages come up in Korean. There is an English tab, but since I can't read Korean, I have no idea which one it is!!
6. It is either more popular to wear glasses with Korean children or they have more eyesight issues because it seems to me that nearly half of the students wore glasses. It may be the fog of jet lag, we will have to judge that one later.
7. Time difference: In Korea it is 7:30 pm Monday while it is 4:30 am Monday in Texas. Korea is 15 hours ahead, I think.
8. I learned how to say "I love you" in Korean. This is how to pronounce it: Sarang hey yo. I don't have characters on my computer so I can't write it in Korean.


kay said...

Do you have enough warm clothes?
Does the school have a web site?
What's the name of the city?

Belle (from Life of a...) said...

Jet lag is an awful messes with my mind (which doesn't need much messing with).

Vanessa Rogers said...

Yes I have enough warm clothes. I think so but I am not sure yet. Bundang is the name of the city.

Anonymous said...

Wow! You have gotten so much done already!!! I can imagine Korean is hard to learn!! I think it is awesome you are already learning things! I hope you are well :) Bundle up! (i hate being cold!!)

Anonymous said...
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Leslie said...

Wrong ID, signed in on my friend's computer, sorry! I was trying to say, I think you are brave! And I really hate cold weather. Hope you stay warm. Take care~