Thursday, December 11, 2008

Happy 8 year (dating) anniversary my darling honey bunches of oats!

(Warning: If you don't like lovey-dovey mumbo gumbo, skip this post. No fake vomiting sign language allowed. )
Today is our 8 year anniversary and unfortunately the first ever spent apart, but not only apart, but in different countries, across an ocean and several other bodies of water. The reaction I receive often when I say that we still celebrate our dating anniversary is a face of confusion and sometimes constipation, communicating in not so many words (or none at all) "why would you celebrate your dating anniversary now that you are married? Weirdo!" I can't speak for Kyle, but for me, our dating anniversary is just as important if not more than our wedding anniversary. When we began "dating," which cannot really be refereed to as dating at the age of 16 and 17, especially when dates weren't a regular event, rather " romantically hanging out" might more accurately describe our true activities at the time, (but come to think of it, I don't think that has changed much since we go on dates hardly never), we were young, too young, some might even argue, but early on we were fully, deeply, heart and soul committed. (Could that run-on sentence be any longer or confusing) And although the delectably formidable "M" word wasn't breached for at least a year into our relationship, had we been in different places in our lives (not dirt sandwich poor, and perpetually in college) we would have married much earlier because we knew much earlier on that we were perfect for each other and our lives would not be complete without the other. For me, our wedding was a formality, legalizing what I had felt and held in my heart for many years. Please don't misunderstand, I loved our wedding and I love that we are married, but our relationship's emotional, and committal level grew at it's standard growth rate the day of that blessed day, not a giant leap. Therefore I argue, that it is just as important for us to celebrate the day of our albeit awkward first kiss, the day that began what was to be the best thing that ever happened to me, the day when I found my true love. So happy 8 year anniversary my darling, and here is to 121 more years to come!

Reasons I love my Darling hubby dub:
1. His laugh is a highly contagious virus (a good virus) taking up the entirety of the space around, positively charging every particle within it's reach.
2. He somehow pulls off "the cool kid" and the "nerdy kid" at the same time. Truly amazing.
3. Kids and animals alike are drawn to him as if he were a kid animal magnet. You gotta love a man that is great with kids and animals.
4. His ginormous cranium is filled to the brim with useless information. There is useful info banging around in there as well, but it doesn't always find it's way to the forefront.
5. He still makes my heart go "pitter-patter" I love you baby!


Anonymous said...

Aww that is sweet!! Happy Datingversary!!! I agree with you! I think it is important as well!! Congratulations! I hope that in eight years Sidnei and I will be just as happy and in love!!

Nichole said...

Happy Anniversary! It looks like you two have a lot of fun together :o)

Thank you for stopping by my blog yesterday and for leaving a comment while you were there :o)

Rachael said...

You are so cute. No vomiting here!
Joe and I still celebrate our dating anniversary. Next year will be 12 (oh-my).

Jillian said...

Hi Vanessa!
So I ran across your blog bc I saw you were in S. Korea and my husband JUST got back from there for work a couple weeks ago.

I read this post and think you are so amazingly good at expressing hubby Josh and I have been "together" since we were 12 years old. Never broke up. We have now been married for 2.5 years but our dating anniversary April 25, 1995 IS so much more important to us that our July 1, 2006 wedding anniversary. We feel the exact same way and will continue to celebrate both forever.

Just wanted to thank you for this post, it's amazing to read something that speaks to your heart like this and is so true in my own life.

You and Kyle are amazing...

Debbie said...

HI Vanessa! Got the message about your move. I changed your link and moved you to Z South Korea on BATW! Thanks!