Monday, July 07, 2014

Road trip to OHIO!

Day 1: (3.5 hour drive) Brownwood: An adorable little town with a pretty spectacular new family, the Nesses, some of our favorite people in the world!   We made a stop in Brownwood to visit with friends and explore their amazing new house.

Kyle and Dobby taking a nap on the couch after unpacking
We drove through Dublin, the home of the first Dr. Pepper bottling company.
 Day 2: (4 hour drive) Dallas: We don't have photographic evidence of visiting with Kyle's parents, but we always love visiting with the rents. 
Dobby is an excellent backseat driver
Day 3: (6 hour drive) Searcy, AK: We had a lovely time visiting Shara and Mike, long time close friends who have housed on us on past cross-country road-trips as well.
Movie time!

Introducing Princess Kyle: Dress up time with Shara's daughter Addison was fun for everyone!
Day 4: (11 hour drive) Dayton, Ohio.  Home...our new home, at last.

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