Saturday, October 29, 2011

New toys

The one on the left with the hood is the zoomy lens and the other is the wide angle lens.
This shot, taken hastily in the morning, which has a smudge, is to show you the bulb in the center of the lens.  This is what give is the wide angle.
for those camera people, this is a 28mm-105mm.  3.5f, In the camera world, amongst the pros and Koreans who must have everything top of the line or else they die, it isn't the best, but I think it will suit our purposes.
 We've been preparing for our travels.  Basically, everyday, Kyle and I wake up and say, "do we have to go to work, can't we just go on our travels today?" in the whiniest voice ever.  In the end, we decide to go to work, begrudgingly.

And in preparing for our travels, Kyle and I decided that if we were ever to invest in good lenses, now was the time.  So we made our way to Yongsan, where one goes to buy electronics, and made our planned purchase, a lens with a more enhanced zoom capacity. Its not really a ZOOM lens, but it has a more zoominess than did our previous.

Our camera came with two lenses, the kit lens and a mega zoom lens.  The mega zoom lens couldn't take clear photos without a tripod, and as we only carry a tiny tripod with us, it just didn't ever get any use. We sold both lenses even though the guy laughed at the "poor" quality of my kit lens.

We then however made an impulse buy, one that I so far have no regrets about, a wide angle lens.  I've wanted a wide angle lens for a LONG time. Wide angle lenses are responsible for those AMAZING sky shots that are often seen in magazines. But wide angle lenses are SUPER expensive.  Like $600 and higher sometimes.  But a new lens came out which is much cheaper, and not AS cool, but still pretty cool, and on impulse we bought it. We called a friend quickly to do a price check and a review check previous to making the decision, and in the end, we thought, we couldn't live without.  Or we could, but it would be REALLY fun to have.

So here are some examples of what are new lenses can do:
50 mm is a close up lens, this shot is just meant to give perspective.
Wide angle lens.  Do see how much of the background you can see?
Normal shot

wide angle lens
Normal shot

wide angle lens
I'm so excited to have these new toys!  Hopefully our pictures will reflect this, and everyone can ooohh and awwww over our AMAZING new photos.
Normal lens
zoomier lens

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