Monday, October 10, 2011

Introducing love motels

When we travel on our own, as opposed to in an organized trip with "meet up" we often have the pleasure, or displeasure of using "love motels." Love motels are primarily a result of young people living with their parents until they are married, but also, the extramarital activities that are common within Korean culture.  Love motels can be very nice, or they can be as close to a roach motel I've ever experienced and hope to experience.  To give you a closer look into "love motels," we've created a little video.



Abigail said...

hahaha that was great! i love how animated Kyle is as he displays and explains each object. kinda reminds me of the way we talk and gesture while teaching english in front of a classroom of teenagers! :) but where were the condoms??

Vanessa Rogers said...

Non provided in this love motel!! Crazy huh!