Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Did I mention: We've got TICKETS HOME!

A few posts back, I mentioned that Kyle and I have officially purchased our tickets.   And these plane tickets are just direct plane tickets home, OH NO, they have five stops.  And Oh yes, did I get an amazing deal on them.  We're paying just $450 more than a direct flight.  Yippie Yie Yay!!  Seriously, I am a serious scavenger for all things cheap, and we got the motherload on this deal.

So here is the basic Itinerary:

Last work day: Jan. 1

Fly to Bangkok, Thailand- a few days later (after SERIOUS packing) and I mean serious!  Oh dear Lord, I don't want to pack.

We spend THREE MONTHS backpacking Southeast Asia!!  When I was planning this out, I thought, "three months- thats a LONG time."  Now that I'm looking at what we are going to do, I keep thinking- we don't have ENOUGH time.  (I really like the caps locks tonight)
Countries we're going to visit:

But we're not flying home from Bangkok.  Nope, we're going to go visit our friends we've made here in ENGLAND and IRELAND, for two weeks.

And then to NYC to visit Jen. G. my bestest friend!  For a few days.

And then HOME to TEXAS late April, after my birthday. My birthday will be spent in Ireland.  Kyle's birthday in March, we're not sure where we'll be yet.

So heres the run down:
3 months- Southeast Asia
2 weeks- England, Ireland
1 week (roughly) NYC
4 months of traveling

At least a year, probably more -TEXAS

Who's excited!!??


Bekah said...

thats AWESOME! I cant wait to be able to travel with the boys! Matt is going to Cuba next year, and the boys and I have the option to go, but since Matt would need to be doing other things,I would basically be on my own with two little guys. Im not up to that yet, so I am going to keep living my traveling dreams vicariously through you! I cant wait to hear all about it! Do you plan on updating us when you can? I hope so!

PS - Thailand is the only country that I have been to that you are planning to visit, and it was AWESOME.

Stephanie said...

that sound AH MAY ZING. so jealous!! hey i am going to send you an email about your school in korea too if you dont mind.

AND my sister lives in ireland...where in ireland are you travelling? maybe she can give you all some ideas or tips or whatever if you want! let me know!

Vanessa Rogers said...

Send an email!
We're going to see our Irish friends so I think we'll be good on advise, but thank you for the offer.

Bekah, I agree, it would be difficult. In a few years tho.