Saturday, July 02, 2011

Simon's cat

The rain that is desperately needed in Texas (and other parts of the USA) this 3rd of July is instead precipitating south Korea with it's wet tears.  Sadly, our Fourth of July BBQ by the pool now is postponed until the clouds surrender exposing blue skies once again.  Our pool has finally opened, and ironically so have the doors of the clouds, and they seem to be jammed open allowing the clouds to flow freely all its liquid. Although yesterday, there was no rain, a first in several days, it was wet outside enough from the 80% humidity that one didn't need a pool to be drenched.  But eventually the showers will cease, and the pool, as it does every summer, will elicit the greatest joy in my soul. What is it about water that makes humans (at least humans unafraid of water) zealous with exuberance. I love summer, and I love swimming.  We're truly lucky to have a pool in Korea, but not just any pool;  a gorgeous, outside, and free pool!

On to the topic of this post however, the newly discovered, hilarious series, introduced to us by the Russian students- Simon's cat.

These videos are funny to both classes of people, those who love cats and those who despise them. I'm in the adoration category despite my many early childhood horror stories involving household cats which led to an eventual dog coup in high school which threw out the previous cat regime with threats of slobbering.  I've posted one particularly funny episode, although I have yet to watch all of them.  Enjoy!

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Ashton Sanders said...

Hahaha. Love it.

<3 u guys.