Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Day at the river

A few weeks ago, some our friends decided to go down to a reservoir to spend our lazy Saturday afternoon soaking up the sun. Walking along the concrete waterway was a bit of a challenge considering the force of the  water.  It was a fun day splashing around on the edge of the river.  When we arrived we were the sole visitors, but we were soon joined by other groups of Koreans also wishing to bask in the summer's sunlight.

Don't you love the water splashing around his feet!

the ladies, chilling

Some korean girls dressed for fishing.

this poor Korean girl was being dragged into the water.  However she refused to let go of her camera so that they wouldn't throw her in.  In the end, she won the battle.

The sign every ignored.

A Maltese in the shop nearby.

We found a Chinese food restaurant after our day of water fun.  We ordered 4 dishes for 10 people not sure of the portion sizes.  We ended up paying nearly $20, we're not sure how, but the food was delicious and the portions were out of control.  They were obviously meant to be shared.

Overall, it was a surprisingly exciting day for an unplanned summer weekend.  I love summer.

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