Saturday, July 09, 2011


Putting up the tent without any instructions.  My husbands amazing.  We wouldn't have been able to do it without him!
A month ago or so, we signed up to go on a weekend of Rock Music in Korea. RocKorea was  held on an unattractive dirt plot with a small stage, and fewer concession stands that I'd imagined. To be fair, this was its debut year, so the smallness of the event should have been expected.  The festival was located on a plot of land that is slated to be the new "Hong Kong" of Korea, the entirely man made island, the world's largest ubiquitous city" (Songdo), which consequently took us nearly four hours of subway and buses to travel to. Because the area is still in the beginning stages however, all we were able to witness was dirt.  All of the bands were cover bands of famous rock bands throughout the ages. Our lodging for the evening was a tent we'd found in one of the closets at school.  Although we'd prepared for an evening of average coolness, we were completely unprepared for the frigid temperatures of the evening that left all of us shivering like wet kittens, without any decent sleep.  The festival was fun.  It wasn't great unto itself, but because of the company, and the joy of being outside under the stars with pretty decent music, it was an overall blast.

the other campers

the tent finished

having fun with glow lights

look at those filthy feet

the dancing that ensued was hilarious.  I didn't partake because my stomache was not cooperating with me that evening, but it was fun to watch either way.

Pushing Kyle on the cart through the airport. Because the location was near the airport, the bus transporting revelers to and from the festival grounds was at the airport.

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