Friday, July 08, 2011

Happy Fourth of july!

This fourth of July, we celebrated the freedom of America ironically with the Irish and the British along with some other Americans and Koreans. A BBQ by the pool, followed  fireworks made me feel like I was back home amongst my American fellows.  We even had one of our British friends running in the background for us to shoot roman candles at to commemorate the kicking out of the redcoats. Nearly every year, when Independence day rolls around, I try to think deeply about the meaning of our Independence day.  And for me, it's a day to remember that freedom isn't free.  I think that living in such a country of the privileged, non of us have ever experienced oppression like what most third world countries today must struggle with daily.  Traveling has really given me a different perspective on what it means to be American.  I've seen both wealth and poverty beyond what I could have every imagined.  I've seen disparity,and felt racism both negatively and positively.  Traveling, seeing the world, gives one a way of looking at home, I'd never of had had I not left America. I love my country more than I did before I traveled, and I'm proud to be an American despite the negativity surrounding us.  I love that everyday, our democracy continues to strive for ideals. I love that I've grown up in a country of hope and optimism. There are a lot of things that go on in our country that I disagree with as well, but because we live in the country we do, I have the ability and right to fight.  When I have children, I hope that I can instill in them the values and the spirit of fighting for truth, and justice.  I hope that I can infuse in them an appreciation for all that we were given as a nation.  Freedom isn't free, it is something we must not only cherish, but be willing to fight for.

And now for some fun pictures of our celebration!

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