Monday, April 27, 2009

The story of stuff

There are days when I just go shopping CRAZY and all I want to do is buy buy buy! I walk into a store, my adrenaline surges at the wondrous beauties of new things and my heart droops at all that I know I will not be able to buy because I am still under the classification of POOR in my book. I LOVE shopping when I have money. I love the hunt, I love the kill and I love the feast when it is all said and done with. (Having the money to buy things with of course is key because if I can't have it, and can only look, I am only disappointed in the end unlike my mom and husband who seem to like shopping no matter if there is intention to buy or not) But my best friend recently shared a video with me that help put some things in perspective about the things we buy. It is called the Story of Stuff and honestly is shocking. In fact, I find it beyond shocking and has helped me to rethink my LOVE of all things new.

This video is about 20 minutes but I strongly urge you to take the time out of your day to watch it. Even if it is only a few minutes at a time, maybe during the commercial breaks of your fav TV show. It is something we really should think about because the world is our home, and we need to take care of it or else we wont have a home much longer.


Elizabeth said...

You should definitely check out Affluenza if you liked that video! It's pretty related.

Veggie Mom said...

My daughter is a Shopaholic, for sure. Sometimes she just needs to buy. We've stopped giving her the credit card carte blanche, so now she's moderating her behavior. But she's still got the itch! BTW, please come by today to help me celebrate Uncle Lynn's birthday. We're having a Birthday Bash AND a giveaway!