Sunday, April 26, 2009

Pattern anybody?

After the disastrous Friday afternoon was evening event; Farewell party! The kids watch their photo stories that they put together in class, have a hula hoop contest and dance to some of their favorite songs. As I was watching their dancing two things struck me.

1. How do the kids know all of the dance moves to all of the songs? You know how there was a boy band craze in the US for a while with "cute" boys who could sing and do synchronized dancing. Korea never left that faze, in fact they have probably perfected it. Almost all bands are made up of either 5 plus girls or 5 plus boys who can dance in sync.
The application must look like this:
Photo: Must be attractive- and have had plastic surgery
Name: Not really important
Age: Should be under the age of 24 years
Singing voice should be above average but negotiable if considered HOT by tweens.
Must be able to dance in sync with others and should not be concerned about looking idiotic.

But it really is amazing how all of the kids know ALL of the dance moves!
Here are two examples of some of the HOTTEST songs right now.

2. Does anybody else see a pattern here?
Gee Gee
Haru Haru
Nobody nobody
sorry sorry

These are the names of popular Korean songs. Why do they all have double names?


Allison said...

those are SO fun :) I'm kinda sad that the US has abandoned the boy/girl bands...I always loved the dancing :)

Karen said...

lol, that's awesome. You'll have to teach us all the dance moves when you return to the states (because you ARE dancing along, right??)