Sunday, March 08, 2009

Congrats cuz!!!

We now have a new addition to our extended family. Cody Jonathon Fink was born March 5th to Kyle's cousin Chrissi and her husband Asher. However, HE, the baby, was a bit of a surprise because not only was he early, HE was supposed to be a SHE!! There was evidently some late blooming with little Cody or there was a major miscommunication with the sonogram, either way everyone is delighted that he and the mother, Chrissy, are doing just fine! I am only sad, that I will not be there to meet the little dude. Anyways, Congrats Chrissi and Asher!! I wish I could celebrate this moment with you guys, but that is what happens when you leave for another continent, it is a little difficult to get home :)
No pictures yet to show off the lil fella- maybe laterz! Hope everyone's week is going well!

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