Saturday, August 16, 2008

Roadtrip Highlights: Mariah's Wedding!

Moline, IL (The genesis of this roadtrip adventure all started here. My roomate from our Walt Disney World internship was getting married and we wanted to be there for the big event. Elly one of our other roomates would be in the wedding and we were excited to be seeing them both.)
  • After running several errands, we found ourselves at a decent Mexican food restaurant, being served free tequila shots in celebration of Mariah's wedding. Aubry, another bridesmaid, but one hilarious girl, meets us with us and tells us her story of woe of her brokendown car.
  • The next day is spent running last min. wedding errands, including manicures, pedicures and eyebrow waxing. Followed by the rehearsal at the church where the preacher proceeded to set down the rules of drinking at a wedding, not in the parking lot, not in the waiting room, and not in the sancturary itself. The rehearsal is accompanied by screams of excited children running up and down the aisle as if it were the best playground God had ever created. (those children did not attend the wedding)
  • Wedding Day! Mariah was not stressed, always a good sign. The day was full of wedding preparations, we were in charge of passing out the programs, having guests sign the guest book, and passing out rose pedals after the ceremony for throwing at the newly married couple. However we were also desperately trying to find a place in that small town to fix our A.C. that went out on our way in from Chicago. Sweat had covered our backs, but the deafening noise of the traffic and the 70 mph wind coming into the vehicle was what really bothered me. Kyle was able to produce a miracle, if only temporarily, however so that we could drive the 11 hours necessary for the next day.
  • The reception took place in the hotel that we stayed in. The hotel was themed with a woodsey, outdoorsey feel, with fishing poles, pine trees, bears, deers and other creatures, however one of my favorite moments was when Mariah was looking over her reception hall the day before, and commented that she didn't like the brown skirt on the coffee table because it made her look outdoorsey, I couldn't stifle a laugh. Oh Mariah, how I love thee!
  • The food was good, and we were sat with Aubry, her boyfriend and another couple we hadn't met before. Blane, Aubry's boyfriend and Kyle hit it off, and Kyle had a grand ole time, dancing away the night. I had a great time too, but I don't think anyone had as much fun as Kyle!
  • The day the girls (including me) had spent the day being pampered, Kyle had spent trying to make a CD for Mariah and Matt for the dollar dances, a cd which he was especially proud of, with good reason. After the dollar dances were over, the CD continued to play, many songs of which, we considered to be sing-a-long songs, so we did! I am not sure what people thought of our singing/yelling but Mariah sang along just as loud so it was acceptable behavior!
  • All in all, we had such a fun time seeing our old roomies, hanging out, and dancing away the night at Mariah and Matt's wedding!! Thanks so much guys!
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Xeared said...

I am so glad you both could make it to the wedding, I am sure that it wouldn't have been the same without you. I miss you both so much and it was great to see you. Hopefully Mariah and I will make it out to South Korea to visit you sometime next year.
I had a great time with you and love you guys so much!