Monday, August 04, 2008

Road Trip highlights: Dallas

Dallas (Kyle’s parents live in Coppell, just outside of Dallas)
• Coppell has a city ordinance that all the public buildings must be of redbrick, bestowing a mixture of emotions between inner peace and comfort that comes from the neatness and 1950’s sense of security, and the unnerving feeling that causes tingling on the back of one’s neck making one wonder if Big Brother is watching.
• Arriving in Dallas without any hiccups, a much needed nap ensued as soon as our hunger had been satiated.
• We spent a good amount of time trying to get as many quizzes and chapters read as possible ( for the psych class Kyle is taking at SAC so that he can have the six hours required for SAC to send his clep scores to UT in place of Spanish so that he will have that highly coveted piece of paper that says he is done with UT forever.)
• The girls (Aurora, the princess and Isis, the brat) were extremely hard to leave. Abby (kyle’s grandparents massive yellow lab) was staying with Kay and Mark, but Isis of course stole her bed during the night. How I love those darlings.
• An afternoon of BBQ and the new Batman movie made Kyle a very happy boy. He is so easy to please him, an action film and good food in his tummy!
• Dallas frustrates me and I doubt that I would ever have the patience to live there since it is so spread out, it takes forever to get anywhere.
  • We had such a great time with the rents!

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