Saturday, August 30, 2008

A Response to "A Cat's Memoir" by Queen Aurora and Princess Isis

(Written by Aurora and Isis jointly, sent by their loving Foster parents, Kay and Mark Rogers)

We cannot believe you are living with a *C*A*T!!
You are both traitors! A cat cannot be a Princess- or any form of royalty!! We understand that you really don't have much choice - IT came with the
apartment - but really, your approval rating has been down graded from staff to staff support, you are no longer first choice for caring for us. We regret this unfortunate turn of events perhaps it will serve as a lesson to you both in the future. You have one year to make everything right again. We expect wonderful presents fit for true royalty - consider this your first warning!
Our current LOYAL Mom servant took us to the vet yesterday to get our annual shots. We passed with flying colors and were treated as the Queen and Princess we are. Even though they did rude and embarrassing things to us we know it was all done in love. Our LOYAL vet thought we are the cutest Royalty and praised our beautiful fluffy coats. Princess Isis weighed in at 10lbs and dainty Queen Aurora 8.4. We were very polite but extremely curious about the Guinea Pig that was brought in to spend the weekend. It was in a very expensive cage with lots of interesting toys. It made funny noises at us but we turned up our noses at its smell - puey!! There was also an Italian Greyhound that was making such a ruckus it hurt our ears. The vet told us that he was feeling sorry for himself because he had to have stitches but he wouldn't leave them alone so they had to put a "party hat" on him to keep him from licking them. He was letting everyone know how he felt about that! What a whimpy whinner!!
We hope you come to your senses and remember where your loyalty should always remain.
Princess Isis & Queen Aurora

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Sharon said...

Nancy and I were just talking about how we missed Aurora and Isis. I don't know why we are missing her now. Possibly because you both have left. We miss you all too.