Thursday, November 17, 2011

Trip to Dague

 We went to Daegu, another large city in Korea for an impulsive, unplanned getaway for a weekend.  It was a fun trip, but ended up costing us way more than we expected to originally pay.  Ce la vie.

First, we, the ladies, sat in a cafe, while the boys went to find us a roach motel.  And a roach motel they did find. The pictures of this LOVELY suite can be found in our youtube video about "love motels."  Its the peptobismal pink one with the plastic flooring coming off.   While they searched long and hard, we took silly photos...

We then found a cultural event which was happening near the medicine market. daegu is known for its natural medicine remedies, but also its plastic surgery.

  • We played dress up
  • dipped our feet in the medicine fountain
  • crushed some type of medicine
  • played some traditional games
  • gawked at old men playing some board games
  • watched some random parade drive by
  • watched a drum and sword performance. 
It was quite a cultural day for us.

The second day we went ice skating before heading home.  We realized once on the ice however, that ice skating is quite dangerous without proper protection, such as pants... Because it was early September, it was still quite warm, therefore leaving us vulnerable to the sharp, gritting teeth of the ice below. Luckily non of us fell, although Sam tried when he decided to do some type of fancy jump on the ice.

random guy out at midnight with his dog wearing sunglasses.

Two barber poles signifies not just a barber shop, but a special place with "special" services. Don't know what THREE poles mean...

sam jumping, and miraculously not killing himself.


bettyl said...

Sounds like a fun time! We had a room in a great place that had peeling paint that was painted over mold--what a place!

I can't begin to guess what 3 poles means!

Vanessa Rogers said...

Two poles= sexual favors
Three poles= I dunno... maybe REALLY GOOD sexual favors?