Friday, November 11, 2011

Happy Peperro Day

Otherwise known as November 11.  There are folks in the states that complain loudly about holidays being taken over by commercialism, but seriously, its nothing in comparison to Korea's National Holiday of Peperro Day.  This "holiday" is celebrated every year on 11/11 by the giving of these chocolate covered sticks to friends, romantic partners, and teachers.  The claim is that Peperro sticks resemble the number one, so the holiday makes sense.  Seriously- its just an excuse for another company to sell something, and a specific brand at that.

But this year is even MORE special- because not only is it November 11, but the year is 2011 giving advertisers a new gimmick- "once in a thousand years" Millennium Peperro day.

Watch the peperro video here.
According to my Korean co-worker here are some statistics from this years peperro holiday.

500,000,000won= $500,000 for t.v. advertisement for November.
850,000,000won = $850,000 profit for whole year
70,000,000won= $70,000 higher profit than last year

Here are the candies that came our way this year.  Now all of this was not for me alone, but for our studnets and co-teacher as well.  But that's a lot of candy for our class of 9.

Another similar holiday in Korea is Chupa chups day on September 9.  This also makes "sense" because the candy resemble the number 9. Bouquet of these suckers are often given to friends and romantic partners.

This year, I didn't receive any of these suckers because we were all on vacation....


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