Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Vanessa: Ummm... what's that above your lip?
Kyle: What? What do you mean?
Vanessa: It looks like you have a caterpillar crawling on your face. Hold still, let me just..
Kyle: HEY! That hurts!
Vanessa: Wow, it's really attached on there.
Kyle: Let go, its not a caterpillar.
Vanessa: Hold the phone. Your growing a mustache? Did you develop an unhealthy obsession with Tom Selleck?.
Kyle: No, but Tom Selleck is pretty bad ass. This is Movember.
Vanessa:  Wow, you've been in Korea way too long.  The month is called November, not Movember.
Kyle: Movember is the month of mustaches.
Vanessa: Does this having something to do with video games?
Kyle: No, but speaking of video games, have you seen the new video game that I can't stop thinking about.  It's called Skyrim and it is the most...
Vanessa:  Can you stay on track please?
Kyle: Its just that Skyrim is like my dream come true, it's got dragons and swords and...
Vanessa: Kyle!  Movember!
Kyle: Movember (The month formerly known as November) is a mustache growing charity event held during November each year that raises funds and awareness for men's health issues such as prostrate and testicular cancer.
Vanessa: I see... so that caterpillar on your upper lip is there to stay?
Kyle: Yep.  I look mighty sexy don't you think?
Vanessa: Its coming off the first of December right?
Kyle: You didn't answer my question?
Vanessa: ummm... yes I did.
Kyle: So you think its sexy?
Vanessa: Its coming off in December right?

Movember is now officially over. They raised four hundred dollars and the school nearly matched it.  This year however instead of donating it to the movember website, the boys decided the school (the Korean staff) would be more involved if they donated it to a local charity. They donated the money to "Angel house" one of the schools for disabled and mentally challenged children.


Pearl said...

The mustache is a tricky bit of hair. Done right, it's suave. Done poorly, it's sleazy.

Luckily, he's pretty cute, isn't he? :-)


Eva Gallant said...

My neice let her armpit hair grow for Movember!
I just stopped by from Best Posts of the Week to say Hi!