Tuesday, January 18, 2011

It'll take a miracle

..to get it all done.  Blog posts that is.  I don't know if you noticed a few posts back but the videos of the Philippines I posted on Youtube were removed for copyright material.  Songs.  I used commercial songs.  And because my account was flagged most of my videos were removed.  That means that someone has the great fun job of going back through those videos, uploading new songs, and reposting! Yippee!  Who knows how long THAT will take me.

 Plus.. you may not have noticed but I never finished my Philippines posts.  Yep.  We went on that vacation in September.  WAY BEHIND. 

There are a few others including a post a video from JULY that never made it up.

So hang tight, hopefully by next New Years, we will have fully updated, but not likely :)

Well, it's official, we are back in South Korea.  While we waited for our ride to come we sat and watched a Korean's women basketball game, and I found myself smiling.  I had missed the silly Korean commercials.  Even though I can't understand one word they entertain me.

As we drove down the crowded highway, passing the neon red crosses and clusters of concrete clusters of apartment buildings I realized I was glad to be back.  I'm grateful to have an income and although it wasn't exactly what I had wanted, to re-sign at our school, it was wonderful seeing familiar faces.

The flight was uneventful. We were at the San Antonio airport checking in at 6am in the morning and arrived at our apartment in Seoul a complete 24 hours later.  We're tired.

Before we left however we got some haircuts.  I had planned on cutting it for locks of love.  I even cut off the designated amount, but they have stopped accepting highlighted hair.  So now I have ten inches of hair if anyone wants it, and a new do.  Kyle chopped his hair as well.  He had enough for locks of love, but we didn't think about that until after.

And as this is a post of randomness I will mention one last thing.  Before we left Kyle and I made the time to go on a date to The Vineyard, the place we got married.  As we were leaving we noticed a flyer with a familiar face.  My FACE! As we looked around some more, we found two more photos, one 8x10 and a poster sized of the same picture.  It was never my favorite my picture.  I mean, I like it, and I think I understand why they like it.  I look happy.  I am a VERY happy bride.  But it doesn't really show much of their facilities.  Either way, I'm famous!  It's great.


SherilinR said...

your hair cuts look great, & how crazy that locks of love won't take highlighted hair. seems they'd be glad for donated, pretty hair, whatever the color.
and how exciting & weird to find yourself in the advertising at the vinyard! so cool!

Peter and Leslie said...

I like the haircuts! And the picture!