Saturday, January 29, 2011

I should actually be doing something productive right now

It's a lazy Saturday.  I have a "To do" list, but as soon as we made this list, my hubby fell asleep.  We slept over 10 hours last night, but he was still sleepy.  I think he's feeling stressed out from the job right now.  Anyways, while my baby (husband is synonymous with baby) sleeps, I should actually do something like write. I still have 1,000 words to write on my project for the week, but instead, I've been catching up on my blog reading and I came across a post that inspired me.  Bekah, from Country Mouse Tales has an adorable blog about her hubby and baby.  Her posts are clever and fun, but this post, ice breakers, intrigued me to the point that I decided to blatantly copy her idea. 
It's a get to know my readers post.  Yep, that's right.  This post is not about me, but about you. I want to know about you guys.  All of you stalkers out there, come on out and say hi.  I promise I wont bite, unless you spam me.  Then I might bite you.

I actually had another idea, a few months back, that I intend to initiate sometime soon, about creating more of a community here on the "yellow brick road" but this will be a good start.  We're gonna do an ice breaker.  A good old fashioned ice breaker.  Bekah, said she disliked school icebreakers, but I always found them fun.  They were a way to make all those strangers in the room into possible friends. 
One of my favorite ice breakers was one called, "Two truths and a lie." Most people are familiar with this ice breaker but for those of you who aren't, this is how you play.  You list three statements about yourself, in no particular order.  Two of them are truthful, and one of them is a lie.  And everyone in the room tries to guess the lie.  Lets all play.  It will be fun.  Even if you're not a regular reader.  Even if you just happen to accidentally glance at the blog, we want to hear from you.

I'll go first:  This will be easy for those of you who know me.

My nickname was Screamer as a child.
I met Cher when I worked for Disney World

I can't stand ketchup.

So take a guess, and then list your two truths and a lie.  You can either wait to post the truth or you can just list it at the bottom of your post. If you read these posts on facebook, feel free to post your comment on facebook.


SherilinR said...

hi, i'm sherilin. it's nice to meet you guys.
here's my list.
1. i was a synchronized swimmer at the age of 12.
2. i eat cheese for every meal.
3. i like to wear cat ears and a tail to bed at night.

Smocha said...

I guess the ketchup one is your "lie"

here's mine:

I got an expert medal for shooting an M-16 rifle .

People who've known me my whole life ,still call me Sissy.

I speak 4 languages.

SherilinR said...

my lie is number 3.

Daisy said...

Was your nickname really "screamer" as a child?

Hmm... I want to participate!!! But I really suck at coming up with interesting facts about myself or inventing cool lies. :(

Peter and Leslie said...

This is a good idea! I might try it on my blog! But its going to take some thinking for me to come up with a list that you won't be able to figure out right away.

Bekah said...

Sorry I am late! I am just catching up again! I think...the third one is the lie?