Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Where did fall go?

Remember that post not to long ago named paranoia? It was about my irrational fear of winter in Korea. Well, it turns out I wasn't so irrational after all. The day we came back from the Philippines, someday at the end of September, summer faded away into a fog of wintery icicle land! So there isn't really ice, but the temperatures did drop a good 30 degrees. It went from mid 80's one day to 50 degrees the next. I busted out those moldy winter clothes and currently shiver anytime I see a picture of myself where skimpy clothing.

It's true last weekend was nothing short of fabulous in terms of temperature. At one point, I even wore a skirt WITHOUT leggings, but alas, it looks like those warm days are gone. Gone, gone gone. They vanished into the night and now can be seen among the stars in the twinkling sky. My summer clothes packed in bags, I have accepted the oncoming cold months as a reality.

The one benefit of fall are the bright colors embellishing the trees, but even that is just a sign of death (or hibernation).

Here are some Korea fall pictures.

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