Monday, October 25, 2010

What's happened this week

- I was REALLY REALLY good and starting writing again on my "project." I haven't written since my computer died and I was nervous I wouldn't remember anything without my notes, but I did. REally it was just an excuse.
- I worked overtime in the evening.
- We made Salmon corn chowder and it was DELICIOUS!!
- I didn't blog. I just forgot.
- Didn't work out enough and my stomach is showing it after this weekend of gluttony.
- Found an outlet mall in Korea. We felt like we were walking into America except for the excessive amount of Asians walking around. It was surreal. I felt like we could just get in the car and drive back home. It was a little sad when reality hit that we would have to drive over an ocean or two to get home home.
- Didn't make our traditional Saturday breakfast of either breakfast tacos or pancakes. I love BREAKFAST! We were in too much of a rush.
- Went to Seoul and celebrated our friends birthday. It was lots of fun.
- Made a birthday cake. It turned out OKAY, not great, but man it was nice to have cake!
-Came home and watched an old episode of the Daily Show because they are off air preparing for the "Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear".
-Checked my bank account and realized that the money I sent home hadn't reached my bank a week and a half later. I had a little freak out. It was a lot of money.
- Kyle called the bank and figured out, that there was sometime of number error. The money hasn't disappeared into someone else's account. Thank GOD!
-It was a good week. Saturday and Sunday were warm and beautiful. Today is sweater weather, and tomorrow will freeze. Have I mentioned that I hate winter?

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