Monday, April 26, 2010

Unhappy? here's some food, forget about it!

The administration has been making...umm.... interesting....choices since Kyle and I arrived. Typically these choices are ones that don't make us smile. In fact, when speaking of how things work around this place, you can often find an upside down smile plastered on my face, and even what Kyle refers to as my "scary eyes".

We have been told that once upon the time, teachers actually smiled when someone from the top spoke. Once upon a time in a far far away land, teachers were happy. At this point we are so far removed from those times, these stories seem as fantastical as fairy tales. You might as well have told us that half the population is an alien race and that we can ride unicorns to work everyday. How was it possible that at one time teachers were listened to and respected? How did we get so far from that time?

Just a week ago they told us they were broke. So they turned off our hot water except for four hours a day. Planning my day around the times I can take a hot shower turns me into a green Godzilla! I find it so infuriating especially since we pay them for utilities.

This week they bought a moon bounce for the steal of a deal price of $7000.

Something doesn't add up. We haven't been able to hire new foreign teachers so instead, a moon bounce will just have to take the place of an English speaker for now I guess.

But we have noticed a pattern recently. Any time they bring us bad news such as, "you will have no prep time, and will have to teach 7 hours a day." They accompany it with food as if we are children who can be easily bribed.

"We are going to make your life a living hell and we have no respect for you, but look at the food we brought you. Don't fret. Don't worry, think about the food."

And we nearly fall for it. What can we say, pizza, chicken and cake all make us smile no matter what you have just told us. "You have to donate one of your lungs to us, but don't worry, eat some cake." And we would probably smile for the next thirty minutes. And we have been served a lot of food lately. Take that as you will.

I am hoping this place doesn't turn me into a rolly porker who doesn't remember how to smile unless bribed with food. Don't worry though, I'm not bitter. I laugh at the absurdity daily. Forest Gump's mother was certainly right. Life is a box of chocolates. But when you are here (at my place of employment), you pretty much know that the one you get is going to make you laugh hysterically to keep you from going coo-coo.


Warren Baldwin said...

Haven't visited here in a while. I found a comment you made on my blog almost a year ago and that led me back here.

I enjoyed the several posts I read, and the pictures. You guys are doing a wonderful job. Sounds like it must get discouraging sometimes, but somehow you find the will to persevere. God's blessings upon you both.

Ashton Sanders said...

HAHAHAHA. I'm sorry V. That was so horrible, I can't stand laughing. At least you'll be able to leave eventually. Light at the end of the tunnel?

Keep your chin up, we're always thinking about you guys. <3