Saturday, April 17, 2010

The orphanage video

I (Vanessa) wrote a few posts about my experience at the orphanage. (click on the link to read) Below is what Kyle had to say and below that is a composition video.
A little over a month ago our school arranged to do a teach away program to some of the local schools and orphanages in the local area. The idea was to give some of the lower income kids around the area an opportunity to spend some time with a native English speaker. I spent 2 weeks at an after school daycare in Yangpyeong, the next town over. I had a wonderful time. My partner teacher Kelly was absolutely fantastic with the kids and for the most part, they were adorable. Most of them were around 4 to 5 and a few were in the 8-10 range. They were very shy at first, but by friday of the first week, they had warmed up to us and started asking questions like; “Teacher, why hair on arm?” I guess Koreans don’t really have arm hair. “Teacher, you like Kimchi?” I guess most foreigners don’t but I sure do. In small doses mind you. That stuff is potent. Anyways, the kids were lovely and I was very sad to have to leave. Perhaps one day soon, some of them will come to the Village.

If you can't see the video click here.

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Smocha said...

The kids are so cute . I don't think my old nerves could take all the chaos though :)

Funny to see Spongbob and Micky in Korea.