Thursday, April 29, 2010

I've been promoted!...I think....

As of last Friday, I (Kyle) am now the Foreign Teacher Coordinator here at the Village. The guy that held the position previously finally cracked and went streaking across the campus. ;) Just kidding! Or am I... So now the mantle has been passed down to me to be the beacon of hope and sanity in the swirling chaos that is English Village. My task is rather simple but no easy cross to bear.

Job 1; Get info from Korean Admin and convey it to the Foreign Teachers in such a way that it prevents rioting.

Job 2; Get "feedback" from the Foreign Teachers and convey it to the Koreans in such a way that it prevents tears and bloodshed.

Job 3; When needed, inform Foreign Teachers that they are being scheduled to work overtime and that they will be compensated with hours instead of pay. Then endure the cursing and yelling that follows and let the Administration know when the Foreign Teacher has declined the work.

Other than that, it's kind of up to me to decide what else can be done to make life easier for all of us. Essentially, KEEP THE FOREIGN STAFF HAPPY!!!

I'm excited and a bit overwhelmed but We'll see how I do.

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