Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Winter, enough is enough!

Dear Winter,
I know that I am an inexperienced winter-onian or a winter-aficionado what ever you may call those Northern people so accustomed to winter, so I am not exactly qualified, but we are shockingly advancing on April, and you have not let up. I am exaggerating a bit, I admit. I can walk outside without a hat and a scarf, at least some of the time, a feat indeed, but every time it seems that you are breaking into spring, dispersing with the coldness, you throw a curve ball, usually in the form of white snowflakes. Monday morning was warmer, maybe in the 50's. I was ecstatic. By 2pm, it was snowing. It wasn't like we didn't have enough chaos as it was, with being in the midst of a new program at the school, that had great ideas except that no one seemed to have thought them out completely or made a competent plan. So on top of the fact that the teachers had no idea where to be at what time, let alone the students, you decided to snow on us, when we had a school of only boys. Snowballs being hurled inside my classroom was not my idea of a good time. I'm not one to break up a snowball fight, unless of course it is in my classroom. So, if you would be so kind winter, can you give it up already? Spring is ready at the doorstep, skipping around with cooped up anxiety at the anticipation at being set free once again. And no offense at you and your snow, but we are officially done this year. Seriously, all the ohhhhs and ahhhs are spent and we are no longer mesmerized by your "beautiful" snow. We'll cross paths next year, but not a minute sooner. What do you say? Take a break, you deserve it. You had a very busy year.

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