Sunday, March 28, 2010

Happy Birthday mi amor!

Kyle hit a milestone yesterday, he is now officially 26 years old, he is over the hump and sliding the downward slope towards 30. Of course, we don't talk about how I am technically a year older and that my birthday is very rapidly galloping towards us, even as we type/speak. We are just going to ignore that huge looming 7. Nope, if I just don't acknowledge it, then it doesn't happen right? At least that is the school's philosophy, and it is doing them wonders!

What did we do for Kyle's birthday? What did we do to celebrate this great event, the acclamation of the day of his screaming entrance into this little ole world? Next to nothing, and it was glorious! Friday night (the night before the actual blessed day), we did actually go out on the town, and by "town" I mean Yangpyeong which is technically a town, but still in the boonies. We chose Friday night because originally, we had planned on doing a big hoopla in Seoul on Saturday night. We were going to celebrate with friends from English Village on Friday night, and friends in Seoul on Saturday night and have an entire weekend of unending celebration, because let's face it, Kyle is magnificent, if I do say so myself. However, after a month of consecutive weekends lacking of sleep and full of unending fun, we decided that what we really needed was rest. What we really needed was a sane house that wasn't turned inside out. What we really needed was some quality Kyle and Vanessa husband and wife time and going out for Kyle's birthday was only going to continue the current streak of exhaustion.

So what did we do?
Friday we went out for some duc-galbi (a Korean chicken dish which Kyle hadn't yet tried and is probably my favorite Korean meal) and we went bowling. Yes bowling, which is surprisingly nearly identical to bowling at home.
-slept in till 12 pm. We didn't even stay up that late. I am guessing we got a little over 10 hours of sleep.
-made breakfast tacos (with ingredients from Costco! Thank God for Costco, cheese and tortillas come to mama!)
-watched a movie
-did laundry (our house now feels like a tropical island with the amount of humidity since we have three loads of laundry hanging around drying)
-went out for sushi and Baskin Robins ice cream
-watched another movie
-went to bed

-slept in again
-worked out
-ate lunch
-watched an unfinished movie from Saturday
-worked on the "to do" list

This weekend was marvelous, and if that makes me old, so be it. We had a weekend to catch up on sleep, chores and each other- nothing short of perfection. Happy birthday darling! I am so thankful that you were born.

*Note* neither of these pictures is from his actual birthday. We forgot the camera :(


Peter and Leslie said...

Gah! Kyle I can never keep track of the day of your blessed birth! Congrats on finishing 25 years of life! You're growing up so fast! :o)

That weekend sounds fun. I have no shame admitting that I am an old woman. I love doing NOTHING!

I like the new design on the blog!

Also, Vanessa do you have Shara's email or phone number?

Love you guys!


Mrsblogalot said...

Did you just say old?????

I'm going to let that go.

So glad you had such a wonderful weekend!!! Many Many more!!! (-: