Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Flying bird tea house

I meant to include these pictures in the Valentine's Day post but, there were so many pictures taken that weekend, these got voted out of that post. But there are some very cool pictures taken at this incredibly unique tea house that I all bird lovers and photographers can appreciate.

This is the poop tree we sat near. The birds seemed to be trained to poop only on this tree and no where else in the tea house.

Kyle had a cinnamon punch tea which is a traditional Korean winter tea. Oddly enough it is served cold. I plan to try my hand at making this one day. Click here for the recipe. Amy got a plum tea which is delicious and also very traditional. And my tea had an odd name that I can't recall.

Here are the birdies just hanging out, enjoying the humdrum of the live of a tea house bird.

Sitting in front of the poop tree.

The birds had eaten through this decoration and liked to sit behind it peeking out. The bird version of peek-a-boo.

Me and my lovely Amy :)

"How do ya do? Wanna share any of those nice snacks that look like bird food?"

"That's right, I'm lookin at you!"

This bird was really so curious. He kept checking us out so intently.

Looking at the big wide world he's missing out on. It was really really cold that day. We're talking frost bite cold. He was one of the lucky birds in my book. I don't know if he appreciated the heaters in his prison as much as I did though.


LadyFi said...

That teahouse is just wonderful! How delightful to have birds flying around (as long as they only do poop in that poop-tree!)

Kimberlina!! said...

I loved this place!! I want to go again when I come (getting close, eek) if you guys are up for it again.

Anonymous said...

I REALLY hope you find this comment!! I have lived in Korea for two years now and it was only open in the very first months of my stay. Last time I checked (2/15/2013) all the signs were torn down after being closed for over a year. But I always see travelers looking at the door, thinking this closing was recent!!

Vanessa Rogers said...

What a shame that it closed its doors. It was such a gem. thanks for letting me know.