Wednesday, November 04, 2009

WE are in UTAH!!

The last post was written entirely in the airport while waiting to catch our flight to Salt Lake City. What brings us to Salt Lake City you may ask? The answer is simple: We love salt and water, and when combined, it just makes an irresistible combination. ha ha ha! I crack myself up. I swear, if only everyone in the world thought my jokes were as funny as I find them, then I could be a successful comedian, and all my money problems would be solved. Too bad there are a limited amount of sophisticated or geeky (whichever you prefer) people in this world who get my untamed humor. Unfortunate for everyone else.
So the REAL reason we are here in this bowl like city, is that we are visiting Leslie, Peter, the unborn Pennycook Ness child, and Jennifer who is also flying in from NYC!
(Picking up Jen at the airport! I missed her!)
Yay! It has been so wonderful to see them all. It has been way too long. A year at least. I have visited with both their families plenty since I returned from Korea, but as they themselves live thousands of miles away from me and their families, we haven't had a chance to see each other.
Proof we are in UTAH! Where the beer only has 3-4% alcohol

Preparing for our Fiber intake!

There will be more posts with our many escapades, but this will have to do for now as we want to spend the majority of the time we have left actually visiting with friends!

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