Wednesday, November 04, 2009

The milk maid and Bessy

Thank you to everyone who wrote in their suggestions. We received some really fantastic and creative proposals. Here are a few so you can get an idea:
  • birthday suits (Kyle liked this idea)
  • priest and nun
  • vampire/zombie
  • garage sale ( my favorite) - wear a garbage bag and attach items with pricetags.
By Friday, we were pretty set on going as Cereal killers. No I didn't misspell cereal. The plan was to wear cereal boxes, plastic knives and fake blood. We saw someone else with this costume and thought it was so creative and it would be an easy and funny costume. We went to HEB and bought sample packs of our favorite sugar filled cereals and a plastic knife, but then we got the call: "VETO" my mom said. You see, we were going to a charity function with my mom and her friend, and as this charity event was held at a country club with hoity toity peeps, she didn't think our costumes were "appropriate."

"Ok mom," I said reluctantly, "our other idea was garage sales. We are low on funds, we have to get creative."
"Vanessa" she said exasperated, "I will pay for you to get real costumes. You are not going to wear a trash bag to a country club!"
"If you insist!" I replied excitedly

Last year, Kyle and I really wanted to go as a Cow and a cowboy. We thought it would be a really cute couple costume, however the only cow costume we found, was a one size fits all, which doesn't include bite sized adults who can fit into childrens clothing. So since Kyle falls into the one size category he was designated the grey uttered cow costume, and I, was to be the cowgirl.However, at the last minute, in a stroke of genius, our friend suggested that I go as a milk maid! Fabulous idea!! I found a beer maid costume, bought a metal jug at Michaels, along with a cow bell and a rope for good ole Bessy, and we were the perfect ranching couple. I must admit, I had a little too much fun dragging Kyle around on his leash, I mean cow rope. It also provided an extra toy on the dance floor which we used for excess spinning!

My mom planned originally to go as a Chinese woman because she had a dress she bought years ago in Chinatown in Vancouver, however the ladies at her office suggested she go as a geisha, so at that suggestion we bought an appropriate wig and HUGE eyelashes. BUT geishas are Japanese, not Chinese and she wore my Korean shoes and bag, so really she was just a nondescript Asian, and kind of convincing as well. The nun sitting next to her asked if she was actually Asian. The nun must have been blind because blond strands were sticking out beautifully!
All in all, it turned out to be a very enjoyable evening. Lots of laughs, lots of dancing and lots of silliness. Great fun!

AAAAND we had a surprise visit from some good friends we hadn't seen in ages!
YAY for the Houstons and fun surprises!!!

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Margaret said...

I love your costumes and your moms! So creative:)