Monday, November 23, 2009

Thinking about Christmas gifts?

Instead of giving a gift that might be thrown in the closet and forgotten, think about giving a donation to children in need in your friend or family member's name.

While we give thanks over our meals on Thursday, UNICEF field staff will be distributing supplies to help thousands of severely malnourished children, including:

  • innovative packets of nut spread, created specifically to help malnourished children;
  • high-protein biscuits that are easy to distribute to children in need; and
  • a formula of nutritious milk and vitamins that boosts children's chances of survival.

Malnutrition causes up to half of all preventable child deaths. My wish for this Thanksgiving is to give these children the supplies they need to survive until the next holiday.

Visit, where you can purchase lifesaving nutrition products to nourish the starving children of the world. We'll give you an eCard that you can use to dedicate your gift to a loved one.

Live Saving milk:

Giving a gift of lifesaving milk will help children in emergency feeding centers, refugee camps, and hospitals.

High Energy biscuits:

During emergencies, these high-energy biscuits can be quickly and easily distributed to children who desperately need the nutrition and vitamins.

Therapeutic nut-spread:

Your gift of therapeutic nut spread, a protein paste for malnourished children, can feed ten children for one month!

It's a gift of true love and humanity. Let's share the wealth.

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