Thursday, October 15, 2009


Tomorrow, Kyle takes (cross your fingers) his last Spanish Test EVER!! Pray that all of the information he has been desperately cramming into his head will not leak out until after the test! It tries to escape daily but with enough cajoling, and threats of violence with an airsoft gun, I think we can get it to stay until he takes that test.

- in other news... I have a temp job interview today. That's always exciting. At least the prospect of some income is inspiring.

Except.... that all of my work clothes I left in boxes in Korea. It should be interesting the clothes I find for this interview.... All of the clothes in my closest are from high school or before. The shirt I am currently wearing is from middle school. (I am 26, that would be too many years ago to count)

-In more news, we went to the dentist yesterday. Our teeth aren't rotting out of our head, which is always favorable.

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