Friday, October 09, 2009

My husband is a Goob!

It's sad but true. I married a genuine, inspector-validated goober, and there is no other word that appropriately describes Kyle, the kooky pacifist air-soft enthusiast and animal fanatic, except GOOB.
Proof and point- mega nerd!

Actually, on second thought, I take that back, according to the word DWEEB means a MEGA NERD. Mega-nerd- it's hilarious in itself, that the dictionary defines the word dweeb in the first place, but characterizing a person with the title as a mega-nerd is just pee in your pants, gasp for air ridonkculously uproarious!

Why you may ask, am I referring to my husband, the man I chose with my own free will to marry, in what may seem to the outsider as insulting. Well, I'll tell you, but I promise you will truly understand for yourself where the word GOOB surfaced from my elementary exiled vocabulary when you see these pictures for yourself!

Kyle has left me alone this weekend for an air-soft tournament. Its not really a tournament per say but a three day shoot 'em up fest for dudes and a very few brave ladies, who liked to play GI Joe as a kid and just never grew out of that phase. (If you don't know what air soft is, click here for an explanation) Kyle and I have been walking nearly every evening for exercise and for quality Kyle and Vanessa time. One evening, as we got ready for our walk, Kyle, to prepare for the weekend that he has been looking forward to for weeks, maybe even years, well, if we get right down to it, he has been anticipating this spectacular event before the kid was even born, put on his holster/vest/backpack and filled it with weight (water bottles, cream soda, a whisky bottle). It only took one glance. I bit my lip, but it, that word, gurgled and sputtered it's way out of ostracization -

"You are such a GOOB!" I spewed
"Your just saying that because of the cream soda" - smiled Kyle readjusting his holster thingy.
"Nope its everything" I said looking away making a useless attempt not to fall on the ground from laughter.
"Yeah, but you love it. You love that I am a goob." Kyle laughed with a knowing smile
"It's true, I love that you are a goob! You are my goob and I wouldn't have it any other way!" I admitted, grabbing at his outstretched hand!

And without further adieu: MY GOOB! Kyle Rogers, the wanna-be GI Joe!

GRRRRrrrr- hear my growl! :)

I wanted to wear the vest too! I guess I am a nerd as well. This is me, trying my hardest at being a sexy FBI agent. How am I doing?

QT was too embarrassed to watch!


Peter and Leslie said...

Awwww! QT! I'm glad y'all are keeping him company. But you should stop embarrassing him.

Ronnica said...

Haha...I'm glad you can enjoy it!

Pink Ink said...

Interesting hobby. I didn't realize that grown men can participate in air-soft tournaments. Sounds like something my son would really get into. :-)

LadyFi said...

What is air-soft? Apart from being goob-ish?

Vanessa Rogers said...

There is a link in the post that takes you to an explanation. But basically, it is like paintball but with little plastic bbs instead.

Cairo Typ0 said...

Hi, here from BPOTW! :)

No shame in being a goob. My husband is one of their kings. LOL

BPOTW said...

I suppose we all have 'cute names' for loved ones, but sometimes it's just TMI!!! LOL