Thursday, September 03, 2009

Happy 3 year (wedding) Anniversary to us!

September 2, 2006 Kyle and I stood before a preacher (his uncle) to be joined together in holy matrimony in front of our friends, family and God. It was a beautiful Texas summer evening, still hot enough to cause sweat to streak our backs, but the mosquitoes were at bay and a gentle breeze glided through the ceremony to cool us off every once in a while, even our ring bearer (our Maltese) appreciated the breeze. The wedding was all that I had dreamed of and more. But the most important aspect, more than the cake, or the music or the even our friends and family who were there to witness it, was that Kyle and I were officially husband and wife, at the end of the day we were there to be married. And married we were, with or without the mysteriously missing marriage certificate which was never found... (Good thing it was his uncle marrying us or else the ceremony might not have occurred)

To celebrate our THREE years of marital bliss, because we are poor (very poor right now), we decided to have a romantic evening in a park overlooking the city, Comanche Park. We dressed in our best "dress up" clothing, picked up some fabulous Greek food with a bottle of wine and hiked up to the look out spot, missing the sunset by only five minutes. But the streaks of purple and pink illuminated the sky for quite some time after the sun had gone bedy bye, providing us with ample entertainment. The mosquitoes, because we have had so little rainfall this year, have been amazingly sparse this summer, and I only left with three bite wounds, one for each year married, an amazing record for sitting outside at sunset without any protection to ward them off. It was very romantic, and because we are sentimental saps, it was the absolutely perfect way to celebrate a landmark in our marriage.

Last sunday in church, the preacher recognized a couple who had just celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary. The old man, got out of the pew, stood in the aisle and placed arms in the air like Vanna White when presenting a letter, however he was showing off his beautiful bride. I nearly burst into tears right there. How wonderful that this couple had not only made 70 years of marriage, but that he still was so proud of his wife to stand in front of the large congregation and present her so proudly. It was, to say the least, inspirational. So before descending, we toasted to 67 more years of wedded bliss. Glasses up everyone!
The cakes my aunt madeWe bit Mickey's ears off. Sorry Mickey! (The Mickey was from the Tree of Life wedding cake made by my aunt, but Kyle actually made the Mickey. He was edible, but didn't taste good )

Maybe eating Mickey wasn't such a good idea!


Ashton Sanders said...

You guys rule! Happy Anniversary! <3

Hope to see you again soon.

Stephanie said...

Beautiful wedding pictures!!! Happy Anniversary you two! Glad you enjoyed yourselves (which we are learning to do on a small budget as well ;) haha)

Sandy said...

Happy Anniversary a few days late. Best wishes for making it to 70!