Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Welcome to the first day of fall!

How very unlike Texas to celebrate the first day of fall with "cool" weather. The drumming of steady rain filled my eardrums this morning as I rose from my slumber. Our summer has been bone-shatteringly dry and fire-roasting hot. It was so blistering hot this summer that we were two days short of beating the all time record of the hottest summer on record made in 1925. And not only that Texas, typically does not feel fall weather, does not acknowledge a change in the season until around Halloween, and even then we only receive a drop of 10-15 degrees. Texas prefers it's weather to remain sizzling torrid as it feels the need to maintain it's reputation as the kid on the block no one dares to mess with.

When I walked outside this morning amidst the cool breeze, grey sky, the nearly smiling plants and the musky scent of fresh rain, my first thought was, "Am I in a different part of the country? Did I somehow teleport to the North West. Am I actually in Seattle at this moment? Isn't Texas brown and dead with no hope of rain for another decade?" It is 3:00 pm and 68 degrees. Sixty-eight degrees! I don't know that we have gotten below 70 degrees the entire summer, even at the dead of night and here in Texas September is still summer- no matter what the equinox says.

So to celebrate this unexpected yet welcome change in our weather, we decided to make chili. Chili is the perfect meal for any "cold" rainy evening. It is currently stewing on the stove and as we LOVE food, we are finding it increasingly difficult to pass by without tasting it each and every time.

P.s. On a follow up note to the previous posts, we are on the road to recovery. We have not fully humanized from our snotty zombie states, but we are much more recognizable as human beings at this point.


Jane said...

Oh my gosh, how nice is this weather?? I actually wore a sweatshirt to walk the dog this morning. (I was also wearing shorts, but WHATEVER - I'll take it!)

Rachael said...

Hmmmm chili!

kay said...

Guess what, the Dallas Rogers made chili too!!
Lovin this cool weather!