Sunday, June 14, 2009

My day so far

(painting by Caroline Wang)

What do I have to show for myself? Nada! zilch!

What have I done today? Absolutely nothing!

What have I done so far on my day off... here is the list of events so that you can grasp the severity of the word "nada"

12:01 am (before going to bed since it is 10 am at home Sunday)- Called my dad because I thought it was Father's day. Turns out I was wrong- that doesn't happen very often :) But as he didn't answer, I didn't make too much of a donkey out of myself by saying "happy father's day" on the wrong Sunday. But hey, I am out of the country, I have more of an excuse as they don't have Father's day here.

Night- Dreaming about escaping from zombies. Maybe that is a sign I watch too many zombie movies.

10:00 am- wake up with good intentions. I put on work out clothes, ate an energy bar, told Kyle I was going to call him later when I had finished with my run. Let my food settle while checking my email.

10:15- stomach hurts a tad- that run is going to have to wait

10:20- now it hurts worse. I know, I will lay back down for a short time and then go for my run.

10:40- put my sleep mask on, sleep is impossible with all of that sunlight! I know I was just going to lay down and not actually sleep, but sometimes your body just says "go to sleep" and you have to listen. Run? What run?

11:30- oops, time for lunch. I guess I will have to wait even longer for that run. I will just wear my stinky work out clothes all day for motivation until I go for the run.

12:00- Wow! Lunch was unappetizing. I basically just ate two fried eggs and rice. I really want to eat some chocolate now, but I have nothing to reward myself for yet. Now I really have to go for that run so I can eat chocolate!

12:30- chat with Kyle over skype. "How did your run go honey?" "what run?" Ha!

1:00 -thinking about what to blog about. I could blog about the baseball game we went to yesterday, but that would take too much energy and creative juices. I could write about how I made blackened banana bread in our funky extremely frustrating oven microwave. I would rather just write about how I can't get my lazy butt out of my bed to do anything productive.

Plans for the remainder of the day:

Obviously go for a run....
eat chocolate after run
possibly clean my room
write people emails
watch a movie!

Yeps sounds fantastic!
(Painting by Adam Rote)

- I went for the run around 8:30 at night after spending nearly the entire day doing nothing
- directly following the run ate cheese and crackers while sipping on wine on the balcony (with a piece of chocolate)
-emailed some but not all (sorry grandmother, I will email you soon!)
- did NOT clean my room :(


LadyFi said...

Actually, lying around doing nothing sounds wonderful!

Pam said...

Sometimes you just need a "mental health day". Which, always includes chocolate! So, did you ever get that run in ?

Veggie Mom said...

My favorite part of this post? "Eat chocolate after run." You're my kind of gal!

Ronnica said...

I love those lazy days!

Peter and Leslie said...

I hear you! I waste more time trying to avoid runs... But doesn't it feel great after you actually do it?!?

Janna Bee said...

It's so hard to get motivated sometimes, isn't it? Some days it feels so good to do nothing! Congrats on getting your run in!