Monday, September 29, 2008

Secret Garden

Saturday we spent the day doing yard work at BB's yoga community. Washington has many forests, and at one time Washtington state was one big forests. So, it suffices to say that trees grow readily in this fertile state. However not all trees are always wanted, and since Kyle is a big strong man, it was his job to use his brute strength, kind of like Hercules to pull up the trees and roots with his bare hands. I bet you didn't know I married Hercules! Well, ok , so he had the help of a tree weeder, and the trees were wee little saplings, only a bit shorter than me, but with relatively large and strong roots. Kyle used the weeder, we yanked the tree out of the ground, sometimes I yanked by myself, depending on it's size or if we were on a slope, shook it's roots of the excess dirt and tossed it in the pile. We pulled up an entire forest. Ok, another exaggeration, but at least 30 trees. We were like Super Haus and Haus lady side-kick. However Sunday, Kyle felt the pain of being Hercules acutely in his back. We spent the whole of Sunday bumming around. The weather Sunday was nicer than it had been in a while, and BB insisted that we take a walk outside. I wore my new pink chacos on our walk. Why do they not make the heal strap adjustable, does anyone else have qualms with this? And while we are on outdoor gear, why are hiking pants made in unisex fashion, hideous for both sexes. You know the pants that are supposed to be rip resistant and can be made into shorts by simply unzipping. The waist is too high, balloons around the waist, and then when the pants are unzipped to become shorts, they are too long on girls, and awkwardly high on guys. Who designs these pants? Off track... and we are back. So where were we? Oh yes, our walk. We walked around the apartment complex and randomly stumbled across a hidden path in the apartment complex. Feeling adventurous after being cooped up all day, we journeyed into the unknown, only to find ourselves in a forest. It was surreal. One moment we were in a highly developed apartment complex, the next moment we were surrounded my ferns, tall trees and only the sounds of nature. Had that darn mosquito minded his own business and allowed us to explore without coming to suck the blood from my face, we might have explored more. It was mystical and magical, as if we had been magically transported from the city of Microsoft (yes Redmond is where Microsoft was founded) to our own secret forest. I kind of felt like the girl in the book, "The Secret Garden." I love these types of moments, when something small, yet unexpected occurs, it makes the moment oh that much more real. Like you didn't make it happen, it just did, all on it's own. It kind of reminds me of the time when I was young, maybe 7 years old, and I tried to make a rain potion. I took an old perfume bottle and filled it with squirts of lotions, soap and perfume. I went outside in the middle of the street in front of my driveway, did my own little rain dance (hey, I was an only child, I had to find ways of entertaining myself), opened my rain potion and threw the contents out in a circle around me. I was a logical kid, I didn't actually expect my potion to cause rain, but that day, almost directly after my crazy display in the street, the rain fell from the sky. The moment was spellbinding, one that I will always cherish. It was as if God was appeasing a bored little girl who wanted nothing more than to play in the rain. It was simply marvelous.


Ashton Sanders said...

Hahah! That is awesome!

My brother and I did a similar thing once. We had our bicycles upside down because we were working on them. Then we started a rain dance of spinning wheels, and kept all four wheels spinning as fast as we could.... until it start raining and we had to inside.... lol

True Story

Vanessa Rogers said...

maybe our rain making abilities run in the family :)