Tuesday, September 23, 2008

In the working world

We had our first day of work with the Community Center of Redmond today, but evidently today’s work was volunteer work. In a school cafeteria smaller than my elementary schools cafeteria we held a promote extra-curricular activities fair. They were expecting 300 students but only about 30 students showed up. There were several activity booths including, lacrosse, (something I know absolutely nothing about since it is not considered a sport in Texas), a huge twister game, modern dance, video game programming, and the librarian who had all of her teen projects recently canceled was there passing out sparkly pencils. 30 pizzas were ordered, and although junior high kids can put pizza away like nobody’s business, we still had quite a few pizzas left over. For turning in a survey, the kids received an otter pop (those colorful frozen icee things that come in a plastic tube) . Some of the kids came back up to 10 times for more otter pops, I was afraid they were going to turn into Tiggers and start jumping through the roof. Either that or develop diabetes just from today’s sugar ingestion. I am still not clear on what our jobs will be, but I am not sure they know what they want us to do for them either, we are just going with the flow here. Everyone seemed nice, so that’s promising. More updates will follow as they unfold.
Also, we joined a gym here in Redmond which is exciting because they have lots of different classes such as kickboxing, pilates, yoga and more. We have tried the ab lab class with the drill sergent ab lady. It was more like a cardio ab work out. Thirty minutes straight of ab exercises without even a second imbetween to catch your breath. I started out with my hair in a ponytail, by the end, my hair band was holding less than half of my hair. The rest was sticking straight out as if I had been electricuted. Tonight we are going to try a new class called Zumba, it is supposed to be a mixture of Latin American dances with a cardio twist. I am super pumped. I just hope I don't make a fool out of myself!

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Aaron and Laura said...

We added your blog to our blog list! We've decided to use our blog as a journal for our training experience for the RNRSA Marathon.

Keep overcoming those brick walls! Although they don't necessarily shrink they can be knocked down by a demolition team...

Have fun out there!