Sunday, September 21, 2008

7 Things

I stole this idea from another blog, The idea is to write 7 things that people may or may not know about you. I thought it was a clever idea so we decided to give it a try. Vanessa's List
1. I don't like coffee or beer. I know, I know, how can I call myself American, but I just can't seem to get past the bitterness factor.
2. Last night I had my first bout of sleep talking. Evidently, I woke Kyle up by kicking him. He doesn't think I was trying to kick him, just generally kicking. At first he thought I was trying to wake him because I was startled by something, but when he asked, I said, "It's not my life that's changing, it's yours." And then I went back to sleep. Kyle has had many bouts before but never me. One of my favorite sleeptalking moments with Kyle was shortly after 9/11. We were laying on the couch, and Kyle was falling alseep, so I asked him for a kiss, instead he said to me, "But what about all of the immigrants coming into the US." Confused, I said, "Kyle, all I want is a kiss." His response was, "I know I know, but how do they keep track." I gave up since Kyle was already too far gone.
3. I am a girly-girl. I really love dressing up, wearing dangling earrings, and generally looking pretty. If there is ever an opportunity to wear a skirt, I will take it. When I was younger I was a bit of a tomboy, but in time I grew out of that.
4. I have fought owning a pair of chacos for a very long time. Kyle has long been a chaco owner, but I refused because I found them uncomfortable. But, it's official, I am capable of change, and I am now an owner of chacos. They are pretty and pink and I am pretty excited to show them off.
5. I am not obsessive compulsive, but I do have some obsessive qualities. When I was looking for jobs overseas the first time, I spent three days, 6-10 hours a day looking up jobs on the internet. I went a little stir-crazy afterwards, but I found our volunteer position in Chile through my obssesive looking. Now that I am in Seattle, I check my blog obsessively to see if readers have made any comments. Sadly, my readers aren't comment leavers, but just so you know, comments make our day :)
6. My feet are the equivalant temperature to ice. I don't don't think that could be litteraly true and I still be alive, but when it is the least bit cold outside, my feet are like blocks of ice. Once, I was trying to warm my feet on Kyle's legs, and he could feel the icy coldness through his jeans. He wasn't happy about it.
7. Some of you know that I have word finding issues. Lately, as a way to compensate, I have been making word lists. While reading, I write down words that might help to jog my writing skills. The words are sometimes words that I am not familiar with, but most of the time, I know the definition, I write it down in hopes that someday I will put the word to work. Here is an example of my word lists;
animadvert, sordid, pliancy, flout, irreverent, wistful, bereaved, erroneous, flail, juxtaposing, noxious, nethergarments, wellspring, looming, blithely, jaunty, tenuousness, flippant, countermove, spires...

Kyle's List
1. I’m way into Fantasy stuff. Like to a point at me and laugh level. I can’t help it! I just really dig swords and knives and dragons and wizards and all that uber nerdy geek stuff. I’m not ashamed!
2. I fall asleep at the drop of a pin
3. I developed a taste for beer in Czhech and now every beer I taste pales in comparison. Actually, I have found many beers since that I like, but nothing will beat the first beer I ever liked there. Budvar by the way.
4. My favorite dessert at the moment is Rootbeer floats. MMMMMMM good!
5. I now want to create a new tabletop game. For those of you who know what tabletop games are, you’re a nerd! For those of you who don’t, be glad you don’t. You get a +2 on the cool scale for never having played one.
6. I LOOOVE to fish. It’s meditative.
7. I am very in touch with my Scottish roots. I have even reconnected with my clan via the internet. Told you I was a nerd ;)

I want to end with one of the funniest videos from SNL I have seen in a long time!


Karen said...

Vanessa, your cold feet are legendary. People will periodically tell me that they have bad circulation, or that their feet are always cold, but I'll stop them and say "Woah. You have no idea. My friend Vanessa's feet actually turn BLUE!"

And Kyle, I think that everyone already knows that you're way into fantasy stuff. ;) But the Scottish thing is news! How fun!

Aaron said...

Laura and I thought we would fill up your comment section by adding our "7 Things"...

Laura's List

1. My all time favorite candy is the candy-corn. In fact, the first time they carry it each season I HAVE to buy a bag. (okay, so I have already bought 3 bags and it’s not even October!)

2. My favorite movie is The Notebook! I asked for it for approximately 5 yrs in a row for Christmas, but I guess no one took me seriously. Finally, last yr Aaron bought it for me and neither one of us tired up watching it. (i…promise)

3. We ran 14 miles this past Sunday…14 MILES straight through! It is the farthest I have ever run, and if asked a year ago I would have said “there is NO way!”

4. The best features on my entire body are my big toes! They are abnormally huge toes on otherwise normal feet, but I believe they give me character and define me. And they make a great conversation piece in that one conversation when I can say “no way, I guarantee my big toe is bigger than yours!”

5. I performed with a dance studio for 12 yrs and was a cheerleader for 4 yrs. Yet, every time I have to teach Diabetes Education to a group of 15-20 people I get butterflies in my stomach. It terrifies me to speak in front of people!

6. I travel with a thin, lacy pillow. A girlfriend of mine made me a pillow to take with me on a trip, because I was scared to fly. Now, I cannot fly without it. My mother-in-law calls me the night before I fly to remind me to pack my pillow!

7. I absolutely believe in love at first site! I was instantly intrigued and attracted to my husband the first time I saw him. Which confused me because we parted from that first meeting without as little as a phone number exchange. But, as “fate” would have it…love prevailed!

Aaron's List

1. There’s nothing wrong with watching HGTV on a Saturday morning.

2. I spent a day in jail for altering my handicap parking sticker and was charged with tampering with a government document.

3. I am obsessed with biting the top rim of my wife’s ear.

4. I applied with the secret service just to see what happens.

5. Occasionally, I wear a sweater vest.

6. My favorite quote is, “The real man smiles in trouble, gathers strength from distress and grows brave by reflection.” –Thomas Paine

7. I want to spend my last years feeding pigeons at a park with my wife.

MilePost13 said...

Thank you!

Vanessa Rogers said...

Karen, what Kyle didn't mention is that the people on this clan website are very serious about their Scottish heritage, especially since they are from the Bruce clan,once royalty. Once there was a rift in the clan and Kyle had to act as mediator.
Laura and Aaron, thank you so much for sharing your 7 things with us! They were great!! Are you training for a marathon or just running 14 miles for fun? Thanks guys! And everyone be sure and check out the it is an awesome blog.

Anonymous said...

Read this blog in my email and thought I'd leave some insight about why responses may not be as frequent as you would like.
a) I receive your blog entries through my email. I have to stop and go to another site to leave comments. Most days I can't get through all of the email messages I receive, so making an extra stop at another website is highly unlikely. If I respond via email, it goes to a bunch of other email addresses that probably don't care what I think and probably would prefer not to read my comments. If each blog entry contained a direct link to a "less public" email address, it would be easy to send you a direct email without having to go to another site.
b) The blog entries I've read seem long. The longer it takes me to read them, the less time I have to respond. Shorter entries may lead to more comments.
c) There isn't anything in your blog that actually invites comments. You share quite a bit about what happened to you and Kyle, but I don't ever remember seeing a question. It's like playing catch, but never throwing the ball--not much fun. Your questions may be implied, but if I have to work "hard" at figuring out what to comment on, I probably won't.

Please don't take this as a complaint, just thought you would appreciate knowing why some folks (like me) don't respond as often as you might like.

J-Gro said...

Is that Laura and Aaron, as in Laura "nee" Monroe? :) If so, that's really fun! I love it when people I don't know know each other, know each other!
-Jen Grojean