Sunday, February 05, 2012

Monster bookmarks

I love my husband.  I love my husband for many many reasons, but one of them is that he LOVES to do crafty things.  Many people attribute craftiness as a girly trait, but he throws out all the girliness and paints it into a manly masterpiece. I, along with others, poke fun at Kyle for his "girly traits" but why does sensitivity, detail orientation and artistic-ness have to be of females?  Kyle claims these qualities with a growl and a burp, and takes it by force, all in a burly stride.

The other night, I decided, I wanted to try a new project I'd seen on pinterest; monster bookmarks. I thought, we could sit down, play some Christmas music and make some gifts.  What I saw as simple project, my husband  took to another level, bringing out the watercolors, and felt eyebrows, to turn a few simple steps into a marathon evening of monster making.  Honestly it was a blast.  We watched "the Grinch" and "Santa Clause."  We ended up making something like 15 monsters in a little under 7 hours. By the end our backs ached and our eyes were strained, but we were gleefully satisfied at the outcome.  We gave them out at our Secret Santa exchange before we indulged in S'mores.

To make these monster bookmarks follow the instructions on this site

We added some of our own features, painting the teeth to give the appearance of rotting and blood and adding fury eyebrows. Kyle even made some that weren't monsters with cool artwork found in magazines.

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