Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Preschool pics

Top (the boy in the picture)  hates art class. Most children love coloring, Top just finds it tiring.  Holding a coloring pencil and using ii is entirely too much work.  This strawberry was actually drawn by my co-teacher.
The students have Chinese class once a week.  They can now say "hello" in three languages :)
Friday afternoons are "special classes" . Last Friday was "health check." We checked their eyes, height and weight.  Two of the boys refused.
You can see my lovely house shoes here :)
We're trying to learn our colors. Its slow going.
Darling Elise really loves art class.  Isn't her picture lovely.
Richard- the angry cryer is at the top of the slide. This slide is the favorite activity of the kids.
This activity involves matching things of the same color.
Aram is the little girl who loves to wave and smile.  She is adorable.


sharon said...

These children are adorable!

ellie teacher said...

Korean children really are the cutest little things ever! Looks like you have a really fun job! I teach elementary school in Seoul and sometimes wish they were younger :)