Monday, March 21, 2011

Keeping Japan in mind

It's surprising how little information I hear about Japan considering our  close proximity, but the only news I hear is from the US news I watch in the morning.  Japan not only suffered from a devastatingly enormous earthquake but also a tsunami and now the threat of a nuclear fall out. In light of all of this catastrophe, I thought I would bring you some humor via Japan.  Korea, like Japan enjoys VERY silly humor, but in all honesty Japan does a better than does Korea.  They entertain their masses in the form of silly game shows. And here are two classic examples.  The first one is a game show in which the goal is fr the contestants is to try and eat marshmallows while being held back by contraptions which distort their face.  The second show is a group of men who play games in a library and must remain quite while having to do tasks that one might see on the "fear factor."  Both are hilarious. Enjoy the pleasures of Japanese culture, while you keep the people within the country in your prayers and thoughts.
Japanese show

Japanese silent library

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