Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Kyle's Icebreaker and a super cool vid!

A while ago Vanessa put a post up of a game called 2 truths and a lie. For those of you who saw it and never got the answer, the lie was that she met Cher while working at Disney. Cher winked at ME one day while on a private tour of Animal Kingdom.

So here's my 2 truths and a lie for you guys to guess at.
1. I have eaten Monkey Brains!
2. I'm a Gleek!
3. I've been to every continent except Antarctica!

We got a very limited amount of comments on the last one, so we are gonna try this one more time, I think this could be fun if we had a lot of participation. So comment on which you think is the lie and post your own 2 truths and a lie, ESPECIALLY YOU FAMILY!

And here's a cool vid Vanessa's aunt Pam sent to us that we thought was just awesome!
The story is that this is a real instrument assembled mostly from irrigation and agricultural machinery and equipment! Unfortunately, that was a hoax, it's computer animation but still, that's some pretty awesome animation!


JD said...

monkey brains

Anonymous said...

kay says:
Okay, I'll play and double dog dare the rest of the Rogers to play!!

1. I had a date with the final producer of the movie "Waterworld".

2. I sold my Lilly Tomlin autograph for $1,000

3. I moved 32 times before I graduated from high school.

sharon said...

On Kyle's list, the lie: You have not been to Africa or Austrlia.

My three, and I encourage Vanessa's side of the family to compete with Kyle's side:

1. I gave birth to Vanessa, who was a sweet and placid baby.

2. I have a Ph.D. from the University of Texas at Austin, and work as a psychologist in private practice.

3. I have bred Bishon Frise and Maltese dogs, and received as much as $3000 apiece for several of the puppies.

Peter and Leslie said...

I think that your lie is that you've been to every continent except Antarctica.

Here are mine:
1. I'm back in my pre-baby jeans
2. I have the cutest baby in the world
3. I am planning to run a half marathon in March

K. A. Schwamb said...

Lie: the comment about the continents

1. I've been skydiving in Colorado.
2. I saw Russell Crowe sing in a concert.
3. Yesterday I made a downpayment to buy a Vespa for my birthday in April.

Vanessa Rogers said...

Most of you were correct. The lie is that he has been to all continents. Now I'm gonna guess for ya'll.

@Kay- the autograph?

@mom- ha ha ha (sarcastic laughter) the lie is that I was a calm and placid baby.

@Leslie-I think you already ran your half marathon so that must be the lie because it certainly looked like you could fit into your jeans, and baby John is the cutest baby in the world.

@Kate-Russel crow?

Peter and Leslie said...

You got mine!