Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Hawaii 2

We went to Hawaii nearly a year ago.  I found this half finished post waiting in my drafts and decided it was time to finish this post once and for all. I find it a difficult task to write about trips.  I put it off and by the time that I actually start to work on it, I forget what we did.  So I'm going to post some pictures of our family vacation.  I'll make a few comments, but the details, well, they can be left to your imaginations.

Kyle found a coconut, and broke it apart to prove his manliness

It was suggested that we stop at a roadside to eat some of the local banana bread and snow cones. Both delicious.

He made grass stuff. It was pretty cool.

A cool black beach with a pressure cave where surf would force all the trapped air and water up through the geyser hole.

a neat cave my mom and I explored

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