Friday, August 27, 2010


Judging by the titles of many of my recent posts "obsessed" "fan death" "paranoid" you would think I was sometype of crazy who needed to be locked behind padded bars. And maybe I do? Who knows. (Evil laugh mwahahahaha)

So what am I paranoid about? Winter.

I know it's only the end of August, but August is at the begining of the slippery slope towards that icy Mongolian wind blowing through this penisula and making everything shivery to the touch.

I really hate winter here.

I hate cold weather, and Korea has really cold winters. If I had been born an Eskimo I would have been thrown to the bears for all of my yammering and complaining if I didn't freeze to death first of course.

But I am so paranoid that the other day, someone was talking about how the heat wave back at home where they will be next week I litterally couldn't remember that we were still in the middle of a very hot Korean summer.

"Heat wave" I asked? "How hot?"

"106-107 degrees about?"

In my head, I thought, wow that is hot for winter. A few years ago we had 90 degree weather in Febuary, but I don't know that it ever got that hot in the middle of winter. And then I looked outside and did a mental slapping of my forehead.

"It's not winter!" I said outloud to my stunned converser.

"uh.. no it's summer" he said, a little confused.

I don't know when I got so mixed up. Maybe it's because we have been spending so much time planning for our return home, and prematurely looking for our next job that I just forgot to keep myself in the present. But either way, I am cowering in the corner afraid of the big fat cold boogie man also known to some as winter. I feel like I just happily packed up those winter clothes and now in just a few short months, because really the months are FLYING BY, it will be upon us and once again, I will be bundled up from head to foot dreaming of summer, pools and sweat. Yes sweat. I love sweat. It makes me happy. It means that I am warm.

Here is an old picture of us in Santiago. I may have a smile on my face, but look at that body posture. I am cold and not liking it!

Here's to being a lunny and paranoid!

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