Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Mud festival video

Some of you may be so tired of hearing about Mud festival you feel like you have mud bleeding out your eyes, but alas, I have one more article to share. Yes, that is right, I took video. This is much shorter than most of the videos we upload as we could only use it responsibly while not muddy ourselves. We went to the festival to film before changing into our clothes that we were prepared to get muddy. The screen has water droplets on it from the rain only an hour before.

The opening scene is the mud wrestling followed by a scene of jumping children excited by the mascots of the festival. Yes, this was also a family event surprisingly. In all honesty, I thought there would be much more alcohol consumption but everyone was having so much genuine fun, I guess it wasn't really needed. No excuse to act silly, it was the whole point of the festival.

At the end of the video notice the amount of cameras and when I talked about the "paparazzi" in the previous post, I meant crowds of photographers MUCH larger than this one.

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