Friday, June 11, 2010

When Korean kids have a camera

This is what happens when you give Korean children a camera and tell them to create their own story using a photos.

Here is Cinderella sweeping with the props she has, a pencil and paper.
Cinderella is now being bit by the zombie dog.

Poor Cinderella.

Enters Prince Charming on a horse.

Prince Charming meets Cinderella.

But Cinderella has turned into a zombie and tries to attack the Prince.

Then the Prince turns into a zombie as well.

The zombie Prince and zombie Cinderella get married. (this picture refused to rotate. Don't ask me why???!!!)

And everyone lives happily ever after as zombies.

1 comment:

Karen Deborah said...

you have been gone from home for a LONG time!
It's cute how childen all over the world all love to play.